Learn the Basics of Live and Online Baccarat

Baccarat is considered as one of the simplest and most played card game in live gaming establishments and online sites like atlanticclubcasino.com today. Aside from its easy-to-understand gameplay, it also has a rewarding payout scheme for its players. Players consider the possible casino payouts these platforms have to offer before they even place their wagers on them. Most sessions of the Baccarat game online have growing numbers of participants from all over the world because of its accessibility and convenience in placing their stakes.

But before anyone can place wagers and play Baccarat gambling, it is important that they get to familiarize with its mechanics and strategies to win in this game. It is also essential for Baccarat players to understand the basics of the game, as well as its game details to fully get hook with this simple card game.

Basics of Baccarat

Whether it's live baccarat or an online game, players should be familiar with all the basic gameplay and mechanics before claiming a casino bonus promotion to play. This game starts with a number of decks of cards which are usually kept in the "shoe" or the automated dealing machine found on the tables.

Cards will be randomly dealt from the decks to both the player and the banker or the dealer. Two initial cards will be given to both parties which will be their active cards until the round ends. The main goal of this game is for them to have the best hand with a total value closest or equals to 9 - without going over it - to win the game.

This game will not just be between the active player and the dealer. All players around the table may place their wagers either of the two parties or the round will end as a tie. Baccarat ties are very unusual that's why players are encouraged to just place their stakes between the player and the dealer.

Computing the Hand Values

Players can easily count the total points they get from the hand they have played on. They just need to add the values of both cards to get the total hand points. If the total is over 9, the leftmost digit from the total is dropped and the remaining digit will be their final hand value. For example, if the hand got a total of 12 points, 1 will be dropped and the total points of the hand will be 2.

Picture or character cards - J, Q, K - are worth zero points. Whereas, hands with values of 8 and 9 are called "naturals," with the value of 9 automatically beating 8. Any value lower than the naturals will lose the round.

Baccarat's Third-Hand Card

In some instances, a third card is sometimes dealt as stated in the worldwide Baccarat rules and gameplay. There are varying rules on when the third card is dealt to both the player and the dealer - with the dealers is more complex. Players are usually dealt with the third card when their hands have a total point 5 or lower. Meanwhile, the dealer gets a third card in the following conditions:

- If the dealer has a 2, a third card is automatically dealt without considering the player's hand.

- If the dealer has a 3, a third card is dealt unless the player got an 8.

- If the dealer has a 4, a third card is dealt unless the player either got a 0, 1, 8, or 9.

- If the dealer has a 5, a third card is dealt unless the player either got a 4, 5, 6, or 7.

- If the dealer has a 6, a third card is dealt unless the player either got a 6 or 7.

- If the dealer has a 7, the active hands stay at is.

This long list may confuse players placing their stakes, but several baccarat tables now show these on their screen for their guidance. They also show the previous results of initial rounds for their players who have wagering beliefs and staking systems.

Baccarat Wagering System

There are various baccarat betting strategy and systems which new and experienced baccarat players can utilize to maximize their stakes per round. As mentioned, they can place wagers on either the player, dealer, or both of them getting the tie.

Wagers placed at sites such as Cosmic Online Casino on the player's hand gets a 1:1 winning ratio or an even money for its payout. This means that a $10 wager wins a $20 payout. The dealer's hand also gets an even money payout, but the player needs to settle a 5% commission to the gaming establishment or online site. This extra commission is collected because it is believed that the dealer has a slight edge statistically over the player. Meanwhile, wagers on the tie get an 8:1 ratio. However, it is not recommended to place any stakes on this option as getting cards tied in baccarat is very unlikely to happen.

Other gaming centres and online sites also offer side wager options for its players who are looking for additional excitement in their staking schemes. These side wagers have their own pay table for the players' guidance.